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Manuscripts in this section have been accepted for publication. However, these are unedited versions that will undergo copyediting and typesetting before they are published in the final form. They are provided here as a service to our readers for faster access to the latest information. Note that the published version will differ from this one as a result of linguistic and technical corrections and layout editing.


♦  Elif Burcu Bali, Kübra Erkan Türkmen, Demet Erdönmez and Necdet Sağlam
Comparative Study on Inhibitory Potentials of Dietary Phytochemicals Against Quorum Sensing Activity,
Biofilm Formation of Chromobacterium violaceum 12472, and Swimming and Swarming Behaviour of 
Pseudomonas aeruginosa PA01


 ♦  Yulian Tumbarski, Radosveta Nikolova, Nadezhda Petkova, Ivan Ivanov and Anna Lante
     Biopreservation of Fresh Strawberries by Carboxymethyl Cellulose Edible Coatings Enriched with
     a Bacteriocin from Bacillus methylotrophicus BM47    

Mariia Kokina, Ana Salević, Ana Kalušević, Steva Lević, Milena Pantić, Dejan Pljevljakušić, Katarina Šavikin,
    Mark Shamtsyan, Miomir Nikšić and Viktor Nedović

    Characterization, Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Essential Oils and Their Encapsulation into
    Biodegradable Material Followed by Freeze-Drying   

Mladen Šercer, Tonči Rezić, Damir Godec, Damir Oros, Ana Pilipović, Franjo Ivušić, Iva Rezić, Martina Andlar,
    Roland Ludwig and Božidar Šantek

    Microreactor Production by PolyJet Matrix 3D-Printing Technology: Hydrodynamic Characterization

Nikolina Čukelj Mustač, Bojana Voučko, Dubravka Novotni, Saša Drakula, Anamarija Gudelj,  Filip Dujmić and Duška Ćurić
    Optimisation of High Intensity Ultrasound Treatment of Proso Millet Bran to Improve Physical and Nutritional Quality    

Alexandra González-Esparza, Juan Carlos Gentina, Kong S. Ah-Hen, Roxana Alvarado, Joaquín Stevenson,
    Erika Briceño and Osvaldo Montenegro

    Survival of Spray-Dried Rhodotorula mucilaginosa Isolated from Natural Microbiota of Murta Berries and
    Antagonistic Effect on Botrytis cinerea       

Janna Cropotova, Revilija Mozuraityte, Inger Beate Standal, Kari Cecilie Aftret and Turid Rustad
    The Effect of Sous-Vide Cooking Parameters, Chilled Storage and Antioxidants on Quality Characteristics of
    Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus) in Relation to Structural Changes in Proteins    

Martyna Leszczewicz and Piotr Walczak
    Selection of Thermotolerant Corynebacterium glutamicum Strains for Organic Acid Biosynthesis         

Aurachorn Inkanuwat, Romteera Sukaboon, Onrapak Reamtong, Pravit Asawanonda, Ake Pattaratanakun,
    Tanatorn Saisavoey, Papassara Sangtanoo, and Aphichart Karnchanatat

    Inhibitory Effects and Molecular Mechanism of an Anti-Inflammatory Polypeptide Isolated from Chicken Feather
    Meal in Lipopolysaccharide-Stimulated RAW264.7 Macrophage

Junhui Rong, Zijuan Zhou, Yun Wang, Juan Han, Chunmei Li, Wenli Zhang and Liang Ni
    Immobilization of Horseradish Peroxidase on Multi-Armed Magnetic Graphene Oxide Composite: Improvement of
    Loading Amount and Catalytic Activity

Yuhe Kan, Zhikun Zhang, Kunhao Yang, Mengru Ti, Yongqi Ke, Li Wu, Jingkui Yang and Yujian He
    Influence of D-Amino Acids in Beer on Formation of Uric Acid   

♦  David Gómez-Ríos, Grace Navarro, Paola Monsalve, Rolando Barrera-Zapata and Rigoberto Ríos-Estepa
    Aspen Plus Simulation Strategies Applied to the Study of Chitin Bioextraction from Shrimp Waste   

Sonja P. Veljović, Nikola S. Tomić, Miona M. Belović, Ninoslav J. Nikićević, Predrag V. Vukosavljević, Miomir P. Nikšić
    and Vele V. Tešević

    Volatile, Colour and Sensory Quality of Spirit-Based Beverages Enriched with Medicinal Fungus Ganoderma
and Herbal Extract   

♦  Maria Alexandri, Roland Schneider, Kerstin Mehlmann and Joachim Venus
Recent Advances on D-Lactic Acid Production from Renewable Resources: Case Studies on Agro-industrial
    Waste Streams   

Adriana García-Gurrola, Susana Rincón, Alberto A. Escobar-Puentes, Alejandro Zepeda and Fernando Martínez-Bustos
Microencapsulation of Red Sorghum Phenolic Compounds with Esterified Sorghum Starches as Encapsulant
    Materials by Spray Drying

Željka Peršurić, Lara Saftić, Dora Klisović and Sandra Kraljević Pavelić 
    Polyphenol-Based Design of Functional Olive Leaf Infusions



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