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Effect of Encapsulation on Antimicrobial Activity of Herbal Extracts with Lysozyme


Petra Matouskova, Ivana Marova*, Jitka Bokrova and Pavla Benesova

Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Department of Food Chemistry and Biotechnology and Materials Research Centre, Purkynova 118, CZ-61200 Brno, Czech Republic

Article history:
Received August 31, 2015
Accepted March 11, 2016

Key words:
encapsulation, organic particles, liposomes, herbs, lysozyme, antimicrobial effect


Resistance of microorganisms to antibiotics has increased. The use of natural components with antimicrobial properties can be of great significance to reduce this problem. The presented work is focused on the study of the effect of encapsulation of selected plant and animal antimicrobial substances (herbs, spices, lysozyme and nisin) on their activity and stability. Antimicrobial components were packaged into liposomes and polysaccharide particles (alginate, chitosan and starch). Antimicrobial activity was tested against two Gram-positive (Bacillus subtilis and Micrococcus luteus) and two Gram-negative (Escherichia coli and Serratia marcescens) bacteria. Encapsulation was successful in all types of polysaccharide particles and liposomes. The prepared particles exhibited very good long-term stability, especially in aqueous conditions. Antimicrobial activity was retained in all types of particles. Liposomes with encapsulated herb and spice extracts exhibited very good inhibitory effect against all tested bacterial strains. Most of herbal extracts had very good antimicrobial effect against the tested Gram-negative bacterial strains, while Gram-positive bacteria were more sensitive to lysozyme particles. Thus, particles with co-encapsulated herbs and lysozyme are more active against different types of bacteria, and more stable and more effective during long-term storage. Particles with encapsulated mixture of selected plant extracts and lysozyme could be used as complex antimicrobial preparation with controlled release in the production of food and food supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


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                                      fax2  +420 541 211 697

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