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Recombinant Xylanase from Bacillus tequilensis BT21: Biochemical Characterisation and Its Application in the Production of Xylobiose from Agricultural Residues

Rakhee Khandeparker*small orcid_display_4pp, Pankaj Parabsmall orcid_display_4pp and Ujwala Amberkarsmall orcid_display_4pp

National Institute of Oceanography, CSIR, 403 004 Dona Paula, Goa, India

Article history:
Received July 15, 2016
Accepted February 28, 2017

Key words:
enzyme, xylanase, alkaline pI, characterisation, Bacillus tequilensis, xylobiose

Bacterial strain Bacillus tequilensis BT21 isolated from marine sediments was found to produce extracellular xylanase. The xynBT21 gene encoding xylanase enzyme was cloned and expressed in Escherichia coli. The gene encoded a protein consisting of 213 amino acid residues with calculated molecular mass of 23.3 kDa. Purified recombinant xylanase had optimum activity at 60 °C and pH=6. The enzyme was highly stable in alkaline pH, at pH=7 it remained 100 % active for 24 h, while its activity increased at pH=8 and 9 during incubation. B. tequilensis BT21 xylanase had alkaline pI of 9.4 and belongs to glycosyl hydrolase family 11. The mode of action of XynBT21 on beechwood xylan and xylooligosaccharides was studied. It hydrolysed xylooligosaccharides and beechwood xylan yielding mainly xylobiose (X2) with a small amount of xylose (X1), indicating that XynBT21 was probably an endo-acting xylanase. Enzymatic hydrolysis using wheat bran as a substrate revealed that xylanase reported here has the potential to produce xylobiose from wheat bran. Xylooligosaccharides, especially xylobiose, have strong bifidogenic properties and are increasingly used as a prebiotic. This is the first report that describes this novel xylanase enzyme from marine B. tequilensis BT21 used for the release of xylobiose from wheat bran.

*Corresponding author:  email3
                                          tel3  +91 832 2450 540
                                          fax2  +91 832 2450 606

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