Table of Contents | April-June 2002


     ♦ Željko Jurjević, Michele Solfrizzo, Bogdan Cvjetković, Analisa De Girolamo
        and Angelo Visconti

        Occurrence of Beauvericin in Corn from Croatia
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 91–94 (2002)

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     ♦ Peter Raspor, Franc Cus, Katja Povhe Jemec, Tatjana Zagorc, Neza Cadez
        and Julij Nemanic
        Yeast Population Dynamics in Spontaneous and Inoculated Alcoholic
        Fermentations of Zametovka Must
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 95–102 (2002)
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     ♦ Ana Majdak, Stanka Herjavec, Sandi Orlić, Sulejman Redžepović
        and Nikola Mirošević
        Comparison of Wine Aroma Compounds Produced by
paradoxus and Saccharomyces cerevisiae Strains
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 103–109 (2002)

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     ♦ Željka Filipović-Kovačević, Miroslav Mikšaj, Nikola Berčuk and Marijana Jukić
        Amperometric Biosensor for Monitoring Respiration Activity of
cerevisiae in the Presence of Cobalt and Zinc
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 111–117 (2002)

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     ♦ Romana Karas, Marlena Skvarča and Božidar Žlender
        Sensory Quality of Standard and Light Mayonnaise during Storage
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 119–127 (2002)

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     ♦ Olivera Koprivnjak, Lanfranco Conte and Nicola Totis
        Influence of Olive Fruit Storage in Bags on Oil Quality and Composition
        of Volatile Compounds
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 129–134 (2002)

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     ♦ David A. Mitchell, Oscar F. von Meien, Luiz Fernando L. Luz Jr.
        and Nadia Krieger
        Evaluation of Productivity of Zymotis Solid-State Bioreactor Based
        on Total Reactor Volume
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 135–144 (2002)

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     ♦ Zoran Herceg, Vesna Lelas and Mirjana Škreblin
        Influence of Tribomechanical Micronisation on the Rheological Properties
        of Whey Proteins
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 145–155 (2002)

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     ♦ Juan Carlos Espinosa, Monica Fernandez-Gonzalez, Juan Ubeda and Ana Briones
        Identification of Wine Yeasts by PCR-RFLP without Previous Isolation on Plate
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 40 (2) 157–160 (2002)
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