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     ♦ Cecilia Leao, Celia Pais
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     ♦ Aurelio Reyes, Margherita Paraggio, Graziano Pesole,
        Patrizia Romano
        Genetic Characterisation of dsRNA Plasmids in Italian
        Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Wine Yeasts
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 229-234 (1999)
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     ♦ F. Raamon-Portugal, I. Seiller, P. Taillandier, J. L. Favarel,
        F. Nepveu, P. Strehaiano
        Kinetics of Production and Consumption of Organic Acids
        During Alcoholic Fermentation by Saccharomyces cerevisae

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 235-240 (1999)
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     ♦ Forbes R. Wardrop, Graeme M. Walker
        Cell Physiology of Baker's Yeast in Cfaeraostafs Subjected to
        Lactic Acid Perturbations
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 241-245 (1999)

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     ♦ Hernáni Gerós, Fernanda Cássio, Cecilia Leao
        Transport of Glucose in the Wine Spoilage Yeast
        Dekkera anómala

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 247-255 (1999)

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     ♦ Martinha Pereira, Rosane Schwan, José Teixeira
        Isolation, Screening, and Characterisation of Flocculating and
        Pectinase Producing Kluyveromyces Strains
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 257-261 (1999)

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     ♦ Sofia Santos, Filomena L. Duarte, Celia Pais 
        Stability of Yeast Isoenzyme Protiles in Different Growth
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 263-269 (1999)

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     ♦ Tom Wauters, Hubert Verachtert, Dirk Iserentant
        Isolation of Mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with a
        Changed Cell Wall Composition by Screening on Resistance
        to Tannic Acid 
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 271-275 (1999)

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     ♦ María-Isabel de Silóniz, Maria-José Valderrama, Eva Payo,
        José M. Peinado

        Advances in the Development of a Methodology to Identify
        Common Yeast Contaminants of High Sugar Food Products
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 277-280 (1999)

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     ♦ Piet J. Laubsher, Bennie C. Viljoen
        The Resistance of Dairy Yeasts Against Commercially
        Available Cleaning Compounds and Sanitizers
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 37(4) 281-286 (1999)

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