Table of Contents | October-December 1996


     ♦ Ashutosh Sharma, Kim R. Rogers
        Immobilized Bioreagent-based Molecular Devices
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 34(4) 113-123 (1996)
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     ♦ Manuela Adami, M. Sartore, Claudio Nicolini
        Potentiometric and Nanogravimetric Biosensors for
        Drug Screening and Pollutants Detection
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
34(4) 125-130 (1996)
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     ♦ Luigi Campanella, Maura Tomassetti
        Biosensors for Food Analysis in Aqueous and
        Non-aqueous Media
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 34(4) 131-141 (1996)
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     ♦ Francisco Céspedes, Salvador Alegrer
        New Materials for Electrochemical Sensing: Glucose
        Biosensors Based on Rigid Carbon-Polymer Biocomosites
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
34(4) 143-146(1996)
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     ♦ M.-A. Carsol, I. Pouliquen-Sonaglia, G. Lesgards, M. Mascini
        Enzymatic Determination of Glutathione Using
        Electrochemical Sensor Based on Cobalt Phthalocyanine
        Screen-printed Electrode
        Food Technology and Biotechnology 34(4) 147-152(1996)
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     ♦ Stjepan Milardović, Miroslav Mikšaj, Ivan Kruhak,
        Željka Filipović-Kovačević, Božidar S. Grabarić
        Preparation and Characterization of Simple Amperometric
        Biosensor for Glucose with Alkali Nickel Hexacyanoferrate(II)
        Electrocrystallized on Nickel Electrode and Glucose Oxidase
        Immobilized in Bovine Serum Albumin Cross-linked with
        Food Technology and Biotechnology
34(4) 153-159 (1996)
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