Table of Contents | October-December 1993


     ♦ B.S. Grabarić, I. Kruhak, J. Velikonja, M. Tkalčec
        Electrochemical Investigation of Dopamine and
        Pyrocatechol with Unmodified and Banana Tissue
        Modified Carbon Paste Electrodes

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 131-135 (1993)
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     ♦ Tibela Landeka, V. Šoljan, Margareta Glancer
        Degradation of Thiocyanates by Means of Selected
        Single Strains of Bacteria and Composed Mixed Culture

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 137-143 (1993)
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     ♦ Mira Petrović, Felicita Briški, Marija Kaštelan-Macan
        Biosorption and Biodegradation of Humic Substances
        by Trichoderma viride

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 145-149(1993)
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     ♦ Vesna Stehlik-Tomas, S. Grba
        Growth of Bacteria Lactobacillus brevis and Simultanous
        Production of Metabolites in Different Media 

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 151-155 (1993)
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     ♦ D. Kovačević, Ž. Kurtanjek
        Enthalpy Determination of Frozen Surimi by Differential
        Thermal Analysis

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 157-164 (1993)
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     ♦ Ljubica Stojak, Milica Gačić, Ljerka Lešić, Ana Puhak-Žeželić
        Application of a Nondestructive Method in the Estimation
        of Flour Quality 

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 165-168 (1993)
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     ♦ B. Zamola
        Microbiological Insecticides on the Basis of Bacterium
        Bacillus thuringiensis

        Food Technology and Biotechnology 31(4) 169-175 (1993)
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Doc. mr. Drago Vlašić
        Marijan Bošnjak
Prof. dr. Dunja Grbić-Galić
      Dubravka Hršak

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