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♦  Michal Kumšta, Pavel Pavloušek and Pavel Kárníkr
Use of Anthocyanin Profiles When Differentiating
Varietal Wines and Terroirs
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 383–390 (2014)
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♦  Raquel Rodríguez-Solana, José Manuel Salgado,
   José Manuel Domínguez, and Sandra Cortés-Diéguez
    First Approach to the Analytical Characterization of
    Barrel-Aged Grape Marc Distillates Using Phenolic
    Compounds and Colour Parameters

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 391–402 (2014)  
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♦  Nicolas Venturini, Toussaint Barboni, Franck Curk, Jean Costa
    and Julien Paolini
    Volatile and Flavonoid Composition of the Peel of
    Citrus medica L. var. Corsican Fruit for Quality
    Assessment of Its Liqueur

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 403–410 (2014)
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♦  Anna Kucner, Robert Klewicki, Michał Sójka
    and Elżbieta Klewicka
    Osmotic Concentration of Gooseberry Fruits – The
    Influence of Temperature, Time and Pretreatment
    Methods on Mass Transfer and Total Polyphenol and
    Organic Acid Content

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 411–419 (2014) 
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♦  Aleksandra S. Velićanski, Dragoljub D. Cvetković,
    Siniša L. Markov, Vesna T. Tumbas Šaponjac
    and Jelena J. Vulić
    Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of the Beverage
    Obtained by Fermentation of Sweetened Lemon Balm
    (Melissa officinalis L.) Tea with Symbiotic Consortium
    of Bacteria and Yeasts

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 420–429 (2014)
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♦  Renata Różyło, Urszula Gawlik-Dziki, Dariusz Dziki,
    Anna Jakubczyk, Monika Karaś and Krzysztof Różyło
    Wheat Bread with Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima L.)
    Pulp as a Functional Food Product

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 430–438 (2014)
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♦  Marek Aljewicz, Grażyna Cichosz, Beata Nalepa
    and Marika Kowalska
    Influence of the Probiotic Lactobacillus acidophilus
    NCFM and Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 on
    Proteolysis Patterns of Edam Cheese

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 439–447 (2014)
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♦  Cosmin Jinescu, Vasilica Alisa Aruş, Oana Cristina Pârvulescu
    and Ileana Denisa Nistor
    Modelling of Batch Lactic Acid Fermentation in the
    Presence of Anionic Clay

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 448–458 (2014)
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♦  Amanda Reges de Sena, Ana Claúdia de Barros dos Santos,
    Miquéas Jamesse Gouveia, Marcelo Rodrigues Figueira de Mello,
    Tonny Cley Campos Leite, Keila Aparecida Moreira
    and Sandra Aparecida de Assis
    Production, Characterization and Application of a
    Thermostable Tannase from Pestalotiopsis guepinii URM 7114

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 459–467 (2014)
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♦  Chi-Huang Chang, Hua-Xin Chen, George Yü, Chiung-Chi Peng
    and Robert Y. Peng
    Curcumin-Protected PC12 Cells Against Glutamate-Induced
    Oxidative Toxicity

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 468–478 (2014)
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♦  Marouane Melloul, Driss Iraqi, MyAbdelaziz El Alaoui, Gilles Erba,
    Sanaa Alaoui, Mohammed Ibriz and Elmostafa Elfahime
    Identification of Differentially Expressed Genes by cDNA-AFLP
    Technique in Response to Drought Stress in Triticum durum

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 479–488 (2014)
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 ♦  Jadranka Frece, Jelena Cvrtila, Ivana Topić, Frane Delaš
    and Ksenija Markov
    Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis as Potential Functional
    Starter Culture

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 489–494 (2014)
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♦  Zoha Barzideh, Aishah Abd Latiff , Chee-Yuen Gan,
    Md. Zainul Abedin and Abd Karim Alias
    ACE Inhibitory and Antioxidant Activities of Collagen
    Hydrolysates from the Ribbon Jellyfish (Chrysaora sp.)

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 495–504 (2014)
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♦  Ruzhen Zhan, Jian Wu, and Jie Ouyang
    In vitro Antioxidant Activities of Sodium Zinc and
    Sodium Iron Chlorophyllins from Pine Needles

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 52 (4) 505–510 (2014)
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