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♦   Luka Bočkor, Srećko Jelenić, Nenad Malenica, Jelena Mlinarec,
     Višnja Besendorfer and Ivana Ivančić-Baće

     Comparison of Intraplasmid Rearrangements in
     Agrobacterium tumefaciens
and Escherichia coli
     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 441–445 (2013)
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  Sanja Seratlić, Branko Bugarski, Zorica Radulović, Petr Dejmek,
     Lars Wadsö and Viktor Nedović
     Electroporation Enhances the Metabolic Activity of
     Lactobacillus plantarum
     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 446–452 (2013)
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  Ottó Dóka, Gitta Ficzek, Svjetlana Luterotti, Dane Bicanic,
     Ruud Spruijt, Josephus G. Buijnsters, László Szalay
     and György Végvári

     Simple and Rapid Quantification of Total Carotenoids in
     Lyophilized Apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.)
by Means of
     Reflectance Colorimetry and Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 453–459 (2013)
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  Jelena M. Brcanović, Aleksandra N. Pavlović, Snežana S. Mitić,
    Gordana S. Stojanović, Dragan D. Manojlović, Biljana M. Kaličanin
    and Jovana N. Veljković

    Cyclic Voltammetric Determination of Antioxidant Capacity
    of Cocoa Powder, Dark Chocolate and Milk
    Samples: Correlation with Spectrophotometric Assays and
    Individual Phenolic Compounds       
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 460–470 (2013)
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  Elena Bartkiene, Daiva Vidmantiene, Grazina Juodeikiene,
    Pranas Viskelis and Dalia Urbonaviciene
    Lactic Acid Fermentation of Tomato: Effects on cis/trans
    Lycopene Isomer Ratio, β-Carotene
Mass Fraction and
    Formation of L(+)- and D(–)-Lactic Acid
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 471–478 (2013)
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  Mohamed Guerfali, Ines Maalej-Achouri and Hafedh Belghith        
    Hydrolytic Potential of Talaromyces thermophilus
    β-Xylosidase and Its Use for Continuous
Xylose Production
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 479–487 (2013)
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  Huyanh Cang Mai, Vĩnh Trương and Frédéric Debaste
    Optimisation of Enzyme-Assisted Extraction of Oil Rich
    in Carotenoids from Gac Fruit
    (Momordica cochinchinensis Spreng.)      
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 488–499 (2013)
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  Mahmood Mahmoodi-Eshkaftaki, Rahim Ebrahimi and
    Mehdi Torki-Harchegani

    Determination of Critical Conditions for Puncturing
    Almonds Using Coupled Response Surface
    Methodology and Genetic Algorithm
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 500–508 (2013)
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  Georgiana Gabriela Codinah and Silvia Mironeasa         
     Influence of Mixing Speed on Dough Microstructure
     and Rheology
     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 509–519 (2013)
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  Jin-Wen Shen, Chao-Wen Shi and Chun-Ping Xu
     Exopolysaccharides from Pleurotus pulmonarius:
     Fermentation Optimization, Characterization and
     Antioxidant Activity
     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 520–527 (2013)
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  Grazina Juodeikiene, Dalia Cizeikiene, Vaida Ceskeviciute,
     Daiva Vidmantiene, Loreta Basinskiene, Ieva Akuneca,
     Mantas Stankevicius, Audrius Maruska, Elena Bartkiene,
     Ona Ragazinskiene and Algimantas Petrauskas
     Solid-State Fermentation of Silybum marianum L.
     Seeds Used as Additive to Increase the Nutritional
     Value of Wheat Bread
     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 528–538 (2013)
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  Anna Ratz-Łyko, Jacek Arct, Katarzyna Pytkowska,
    Sławomir Majewski and Mateusz Bregisz
    Effect of Enzymatic Hydrolysis on the Antioxidant
    Properties of Alcoholic Extracts of
Oilseed Cakes
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 539–546 (2013)
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  Franc Čuš and Mojca Jenko
    The Influence of Yeast Strains on the Composition and
    Sensory Quality of Gewürztraminer Wine

     Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 547–553 (2013)
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  Amarela Terzic-Vidojevic, Maja Tolinacki, Milica Nikolic,
    Katarina Veljovic,Snezana Jovanovic, Ognjen Macej
    and Ljubisa Topisirovic

    Artisanal Vlasina Raw Goat’s Milk Cheese: Evaluation
    and Selection of Autochthonous Lactic Acid Bacteria
    as Starter Cultures

    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 554–563 (2013)
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♦  Dovile Jonkuviene, Joana Salomskiene and Gintare Zaborskiene
    Rapid Pyrosequencing and Fatty Acid Analysis for
    Characterization of Bacillus cereus Isolates from Food
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 564–569 (2013)
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  Edyta Malinowska-Pańczyk and Ilona Kołodziejska 
    The Influence of Moderate Pressure and Subzero
    Temperature on the Shelf Life of Minced Cod, Salmon,
    Pork and Beef Meat
    Food Technology and Biotechnology 51 (4) 570–576 (2013)
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Anica Lovrenčić-Sabolović, MSc (1932-2013)





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