Submitting an Article

Before submission, authors are required to read the Instructions to authors carefully and prepare the manuscript accordingly.

For manuscript submission, the corresponding author needs first to sign up to COMET-FTB online submission system as a new user, unless the author has used the system before. After signing up, the author will receive a confirmation e-mail with the registration information. Upon registration, personal data should be entered. All fields marked by asterisk (*) are mandatory. For each subsequent submission by the same author, the existing username and password need to be used.

When submitting the manuscript, first the submission title should be written and the type of submission should be selected (in case of a special issue, an option for it will be available). Then all co-authors should be added (once again, all fields marked with asterisk are mandatory). Afterwards, summary (max. 350 words) and key words (no more than 6 words) should be written. Next section is optional, where authors can choose among 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) those that fit the goals of their research presented in the paper. Multiple choices are possible. If authors require more information about the SDGs, a link is offered. Although it is optional, it would bring additional value to the importance of the presented results, so it is advisable to use this opportunity to show your efforts towards sustainability. Next, the entire manuscript should be uploaded with tables and figures inserted at the end of the text. Figures should also be uploaded in an editable (vector) format. Graphical abstract must be submitted separately. For each document upload, handle (e.g. letter, manuscript, Fig. 1, Fig. 2, etc.) should be chosen.

Cover letter is a mandatory part of paper submission. Its purpose is to explain to the editor why your manuscript merits publication. Therefore, the necessary information that the cover letter should contain is the following: 

(i) Address the Cover letter to the Editor-in-Chief, include the title of the journal you are submitting to and the date of submission.

(ii) Give full title of your manuscript and the category (review, original scientific paper, etc.), authors’ full names (with underlined surnames), their titles and affiliations with e-mail addresses. Indicate the corresponding author. Corresponding author should declare that all listed authors qualify for authorship and no authors have been omitted. 

(iii) Then, briefly explain what was done in your research, what the main findings are and their significance. Explain how your findings and conclusions contribute to the field. If there were any ethical standards required to perform your experiments, state them here.

(iv) Cover letter must be signed by the corresponding author, and it must contain statements that confirm that the manuscript or part of it was not accepted for publication or being considered for publication or published in another journal, and that all authors listed above have participated in the making of the manuscript, have read its final version and agree with its submission to Food Technology and Biotechnology. If the manuscript is uploaded to a preprint server or similar institutional repository, authors should notify the editor and if the deposited version already has a DOI, it should also be given in the cover letter.

A proposal of three reviewers along with their contact details is required, there are required fields in the submission system that need to be filled in. The suggested reviewers must not be from the authors’ institutions or countries of origin, or in conflict of interest in the given case. All suggestions of reviewers will be evaluated and the decision about their selection will be brought by the Editor. Authors bear the responsibility to provide accurate data about suggested reviewers; in case of false names and contact details, the manuscript will be rejected and the authors’ institutions will be notified.

After submission, the corresponding author will receive a
confirmation e-mail, which means that the upload was successful and that the editors have been notified that a new submission has been made. A copy of that email is also sent to all other authors. If the authors wish to correct the paper immediately after submission (due to the addition or correction of data), they should not cancel the submission, but rather re-upload it under the same article number, or contact the Editorial Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Authors can track the manuscript status by signing in as an existing user. When the evaluation process is completed, the corresponding author (and all other authors in copy) will receive an e-mail containing reviewers’ comments and/or editor’s decision, after which the author can sign in to the Comet system and download attachments if any. If the authors do not wish to submit the revised version of the manuscript, they should cancel the submission through the online submission system (COMET) by clicking on the little red x next to the title and notify the editors at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The revised version of the paper should be re-uploaded through the online submission system, together with the reply to the reviewers and the letter (mandatory) to the Editor-in-Chief in which all changes made according to the editor's comments, as well as possible changes of authorship or affiliation need to be reported. All the changes made in the revised manuscript must be either highlighted, written in different colour or using Track changes. In reply to the reviewers, authors need to explain how they addressed each point given by the reviewer. If the manuscript is not revised according to all suggestions of the reviewers, it will be rejected without possibility of resubmission.

If you get stuck, or need any assistance, please contact the Editorial Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or for technical support with the submission: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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