Fungal Invertase Expression in Solid-State Fermentation

Cuitlahuac Aranda1, Armando Robledo1, Octavio Loera2, Juan C. Contreras-Esquivel1, Raul Rodríguez2 and Cristóbal Noé Aguilar1*

Food Research Department, School of Chemistry, Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila, Blvd. Venustiano Carranza and Jose Cárdenas, Col. República, PO Box 252, 25000, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

2Department of Biotechnology, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Iztapalapa. Av. Michoacán y la Purisma, Col. Vicentina, 09340, México, D.F. Mexico

Article history:

Received October 30, 2005
Accepted February 11, 2006

Key words:

invertase, solid-state fermentation, expression kinetics


In this study invertase activity expression in Aspergillus niger Aa-20 was evaluated under different concentrations of two substrates using solid-state fermentation (SSF) on polyurethane foam. Glucose was used as repressor and sucrose was the inducer. Invertase production increased when glucose was present in the medium (up to 100 g/L); however, higher concentration than this reduced the enzyme production. Induction-repression ratio obtained using any glucose concentration was at least 2.5 times higher than that under basal conditions (without inducer).

*Corresponding author:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.