Kinetics of Enzyme Activity in Peaches During Storage and Processing

Leopold M. M. Tijskens1, Panyotis S. Rodis2

ATO-DLO, P.O.Box 17, 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands,

2Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

Article history:

Received September 18, 1996 

Accepted December 19, 1996

Key words:

enzyme denaturation, apparent activity, storage, processing, kinetics, generic model, peaches


The behaviour and activity of the enzymes polygalacturonase (PG, endo- EC. and exo- EC. and of pectin methyl esterase (PE, EC. in peaches, measured during storage and processing, was modelled, based on the fundamental laws of kinetics. For both enzymes the activity was susceptible to senescence (PG) or denaturation (PE) counteracting a formation out of precursor or a bound and inactive form of the enzyme. For PE the behaviour was clearly based on two isoenzymes with, at a certain temperature, a conversion between the two configurations.