Bacteriological Quality of Eatable Mussels from the Sea of Split Area

Nada Krstulović and M. Šolić

Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries P.O.Box 500, 58000 Split, Croatia

Article history:

Received June 15, 1994

Accepted September 26, 1994


Pollution effects on the sanitary quality of mussels (Mytilus galloprovincialis) were studied at nine stations in the coastal area of Split during the period 1984-1992. The coastal sea of Split area has continuously been under influence of faecal pollution. Recorded number of faecal coli-forms in mussels was highly correlated with the pollution of marine environment. It caused the completely unsatisfactory bacteriological quality of Mytilus galloprovincialis species all over the investigated area. The observations of seasonal means of faecal coliform concentrations in mussels showed defined regular pattern. Maximum concentrations were recorded in summer, minimum in winter. This points to the fact that consumption of shellfish from the Split area, especially in the summer season, may cause serious risks for human health.