Microbiological and Sensory Aspects of Kojic Acid Added to Smoked Meat Products

B. Hozová, R. Uherová and D. Hudecová*

Department of Saccharides and Food Preservation,

*Department of Microbiology Biochemistry and Biology

Faculty of Chemical Technology of the Slovak Technical University, Bratislava, Slovakia

Article history:

Received January 31, 1994

Accepted April 21, 1994


In this work, the additive effect of two different kojic acid mass fractions (100 and 500 ppm) on selected groups of microorganisms (total number, coliforms, lactic acid bacteria, aerobic sporeforming bacteria, yeasts and moulds) in the smoked meat product called »Bratislavska« sausage during its fermentation and storage (50 days) has been studied. The results have shown that the applied kojic acid mass fractions had no significant influence on the microorganisms investigated with regard to their contents in the control sample (except for the partial effect on moulds). 'The positive effect of this additive manifested itself by stabilizing the investigated meat product colour.