Degradation of Thiocyanates by Means of Selected Single Strains of Bacteria and Composed Mixed Culture

Tibela Landeka, V. Šoljan and Margareta Glancer

Prehranbeno-biotehnološki fakultet Sveučilišta u Zagrebu, Zagreb

Article history:

Received September 6, 1993
Accepted October 2, 1993


In this work the aerobic degradation of thiocyanates on a syntlietic substrate by means of selected single strains of bacteria and by mixed cultures composed from these strains is presented. By controlling the activity of single strains of bacteria it was confirmed that all strains show the capability of degradation of thiocyanate into NH4+ and NO3-, respectively. The mixed cultures of bacteria exhibited in waste water of the Bakar cokery (Croatia) the capability of degradation thiocyanate to ammonium and then to nitrate.